About Us

Wild M Brands is a family-owned consumer products start-up Company. Our mission is to bring you happiness through quality, innovative products that solve problems, save time, and are fun to use.

Our first exclusive product is in the working prototype phase and being refined for a worldwide launch in 2024!

Wild M is about quality products and working as a family of responsible businesspeople. This includes valuable entrepreneurial lessons on overcoming adversity and application of critical thinking skills. The family is comprised of dad, mom, three sons, their wives, their children, and grandparents.

Wild M was borne from three decades of previous success by its co-Founder, Tom Mitchell. Tom started SpineSource, Inc. in 2004 after 15 years in Medtech, working for larger companies. SpineSource launched and commercialized nine (9) new spinal implant technologies which forever changed how surgeons treat patients with spinal disorders requiring surgical intervention. These implant technologies popularized new product categories, resulting in dozens of competitors.

Tom’s priority has always been family first. He never dreamed SpineSource (and now co-Founding Wild M with his sons) would provide for his family’s families like it has provided, is providing, and will provide in the future. It is a testament to strong faith, hard work, good decision-making, and being around the right people.

We look forward to building this new Company and our new brands, but mostly the challenge of making you happy, the right way, all the time.


Tom Mitchell, Co-Founder, CEO
Benjamin Mitchell, Co-Founder, President
Jacob Mitchell, Co-Founder, COO
Susan Mitchell, Controller
Bob Hargrove, Quality Manager
Alec Mitchell, Honorable Mention